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whatever happens, only makes you stronger.
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the narcissist

tha Narcissist  :)
The Narcissist was a genius entrepreneur. He founded his own circus, furnished it with brilliant performers and made himself the main act and protagonist. He loved sitting in a chair and staring at nothing while the audience would look at him with augmenting perplexion. He had nothing to say but his silence made him seem wise. When the crowd would ask for some wise words the narcissist’s refusal only made his wisdom more certain. People were infatuated. His highest point was when he grew a long white beard.
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the half hearted woman

this is my half hearted wooman, an illustration that i love very much

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le chat blac

for ''le chat blanc''i was inspired by the famous ''Le chat noir'' poster by Théophile Alexandre Steinlen, a reproduction of which i have in my home, cat personality and tarot cards. its true you can't change a tiger's stripes you know..

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 along long time ago my daddy was a little boy. i love these pictures.miss you.



this week's inspiration

Jean Jacques Rousseau

Laurie Lipton

Lewis Carrol

Louie Travis

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